Showcased: 7 Apr. 2022 @ Lietzenburgerstr. 45, 10789 Berlin
[Surround 7.1, various bodily sounds triggered via ultrasonic sensors]

An audio-art installation that explores the human body through the ears of a hypochondriac– someone who fears illness, who is always hyper aware of their own body, its functions, and its sounds.

What does my body need?

In a three-day meditative exercise, I listen to parts of my body, and visualise their appearance from my imaginative perspective.

I hereby invite you to explore and meditate with[in] me in my journey to discovering the normalcy of my body sounds.


2001 - 2010

My mother brings them on trips because we should not fall sick on holiday.

I have one scoop of Scott Emulsion and fish oil for brain health

to concentrate in school.

Calcium for strong bones.


I feel faint all the time, and my fingers tingle.

I taste blood in my mouth. I faint.

I take a blood test.

Lack of iron and B12, because

I don’t know how to be a proper vegetarian.


I am okay now, but will take them just in case.

My bones ache.

Besides, the Berlin winter means I must take

Vitamin D.


2004 - 2020

My nose runs constantly.

Sinus infections galore.

I am probably allergic to pollen and cats.


I did a test at the clinic.

I am allergic to everything but pollen and cats.

Dogs and all dust mites included.


2020 - present

Cor0n4v1ru5 is everywhere.

I pretend I do not fear it,

but I do.

I know I probably won’t die from it, but I fear it anyway.

I get tested often.


Early October 2021

My room needs an air purifier to ease my dust mite allergies.

Early February 2022

I will bring my air purifier to my exam.

28 March 2022 - present

I will not bring my air purifier to my exam.

Both of my flatmates have been infected.

Our hallway does not have windows.

The hallway needs to be ventilated somehow.

I shall leave it at home.

I have left the household to stay at a friend’s for the week.

The virus cannot catch me.


4 April 2022 (Today)




My stomach aches as I roll around on my grandmother’s bed.

My aunty notices and brings the Yu Yee Oil.

She rubs it, not so gently, below my belly button and on the sole of my foot.

The burning sensation distracts me from the pain. I am fine again.

[7] TEA

1998 - 2017

My grandmother tells me I drink too much cold water.

I must drink tea or hot water or I will fall sick.

2019 - present

The Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor tells me my chi is very unbalanced. I should drink more tea. There is too much Yang in my blood.

A hot drink more often will help.

My grandmother was right.