Installed @ Lietzenburgerstr. 45, 3. EG WC [no urinals] 

Bathroom orchestra explores the vulnerability of audience member, space, and powerlessness of artist/composer,--
a piss-take to the "standard" orchestras where grand venues are utilised, and specific trained individuals are selected to perform.

An audience member enters the installation, realising that it can only fit one (or two?).
As the door locks, the artist loses all power over her own installation, which can now only be altered by the present party.
The viewer begins to let their bowels loose, bottom half naked, sitting on the toilet bowl. Here, the audience-tape-recorder is one orchestral machine.
To quote Auguste Gusteau in a movie where a rat joins an orchestra by controlling a human via hair, "anyone can join this orchestra".

The vulnerability of person next to perfectly functioning recording machine is amplified through recordings of strangers also at their most vulnerable on the toilet bowl.

A score is placed.
People follow instructions.
Trained musicians sing the tune. It does nothing.
The people outside laugh.
What's going on in there??
How embarrassing.

The tape loops around the toilet roll, that has looped around itself everytime someone has to wipe. 

An illusion that the toilet roll produced those natural peepeepoopoo sounds that seem vulgar to the classical ear. / ︎ germaxipad