Being the only place for students to print at Lietzenburgerstr. 45, the printer on the 3rd floor has somehow become a community-builder in the building.

Having otherwise little to no interaction with one another, the printer somehow manages to unite students from different disciplines through one common activity.

It is at this location where (printer) problems are solved together with strangers and students who are on their way to the toilets or waiting for the elevator.

GEMEINSAM DRUCKEN is a 4-month inquiry to this Object of Community, presented at its location.

Interactions with the Ghosts of Printer Past--

Like humans, our printer has its own personality. It often says hi in the form of mechanical sounds when you walk close. There are also times where printing errors occur, or when it simply does not want to cooperate.

Lone faulty sheet music prints, receipts, study records, and documents are left on the side in hopes of being found again or re-used through its empty sides.

As the next students arrive to print, they admire the printing errors, perhaps in search of what may be theirs or possible remnants from their classmates.